Monday, February 8, 2010


After basketball glass on Saturday, Papa, Mom and I went bowling. It was really fun! We went bumper bowling. In bumper bowling, there are rubber bumpers in the gutters so the ball will bounce off of them and keep going. No gutter balls! Whew, my mom really needs the bumpers.

In bumper bowling, they set up a ramp for me to use. I put the bowling ball (6 pounds) on the top of the ramp and push it. It travels down the ramp and down the alley.

My mom is NOT a good bowler, not even close. Part of the problem was her ankle, she couldn't really bend her foot. Part of the problem was her nails, she didn't want to break one. But -- the biggest problem was her aim. For some reason, the ball never goes where she aims it.

I know you are all just waiting for the scores...

My papa bowled a 138 -- not bad for a guy that had shoulder surgery in September.
My mom bowled an 83 -- She switched to granny style in the 5th frame, and she started to purposely hit the bumper. Her score got a lot better after that.
I bowled a 75! -- This means my mom only beat me by 8 points! Only 8 points!

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Harlan said...

you an all around athlete buddy!

uncle Butchie